Making a "beer run" isn't exactly something to be proud of, but I think most of us know someone who's done it. I knew a guy in high school who was somewhat famous for rushing out of stores with beer, and his bandit brew would inevitably show up at corn field parties.

I was always the wet blanket telling him he was going to get himself shot by an angry store clerk some day, but thankfully that never happened.

A guy in Dallas wasn't so lucky.

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WFAAWOAI, and KDFW report that a man was fatally wounded late Wednesday night when he was shot while running out of a 7-Eleven store with stolen beer.

He and another man legged it with the beer around 11 PM. The 23-year-old clerk, identified as Delon Johnson, called 9-1-1 a short time later to report the robbery and that he'd fired shots at the suspects as they fled in a truck following a confrontation in the store's parking lot.

Police found the pickup about a mile away. It was occupied by one of the men, who had suffered gunshot wounds. The other man had left the truck behind and fled the area.

The bullet-riddled, bibulous bandit found in the truck later passed away at a hospital.

Johnson ended up being arrested and charged with murder.

I can't help but shake my head at this story. First, you have two morons who think they're entitled to just take whatever the like. Then you have a clerk whose life is about to change forever because he decided a couple of six packs were worth blowing someone away over.

Besides, I've never found beer at a convenience store tasty enough to die or kill for.

The lesson here: Pay for your damned beer, and don't try to take justice into your own hands.

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