Every year around this time, we're told it's National French Fry Day. Polls show which franchise fries Americans love best, and McDonald's always seems to top the list, and this year they're even giving away a free medium order of fries to every customer. Other places are giving away free fries as well. Get the details here.

I'm not surprised to see McDonald's top the list. I don't eat there often (maybe four or five times a year, tops), but I have to admit that their fries, when fresh, are top-tier. I can't deny it.

I much prefer the food at Whataburger if I'm going to go for a fast food burger. Not just because I'm a Texan, but because it's not even a contest when it comes to flavor. However, and I may catch flack for this, their fries have never thrilled me. They're just ok.

(I've gotten into Hat Creek Burger Co. lately too, but I always order the tots.)

Those are franchise fast food joints, though. What I want to know is, where is your favorite locally-owned place to order fries?

When I go to Yelp, I see a few places I've tried and loved and a few I haven't tasted yet.

In Temple, the Oscar Store tops the recommendations list, followed by Rylander's and Hat Creek, Bird Creek, Crow's, and Old Jody's.

B Town Burgers tops Belton's list, and I see Pablo's on the River and Fry's on the list too. All mighty respectable!

Billy Bob's Burgers comes highly recommended in Harker Heights, along with Black Meg 43.

Billy Bob's and Black Meg 43 rank highest in Killeen as well, along with Dam Sandwiches and my personal favorite, Galaxy B&G. I always get the spicy ketchup at Galaxy. Trust me, it's great.

Where's your favorite place to get fries in Central Texas? Will you be going there today to celebrate National French Fry Day? Recommend a place in the comments so we can try it too!

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