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One of the most horrific stories trending in Texas comes out of Elgin this morning.

Two Texas cheerleaders were shot in a parking lot after rehearsals.

One is in critical condition.

As a parent, this story is particularly terrifying.

Where are our children safe anymore?

Officials are reporting that the two cheerleaders were shot after one of them had mistakenly gotten into the wrong vehicle in a designated carpool parking lot.

One of the cheerleaders accidentally got into the wrong vehicle. 

But wait there is more.

Elgin Police said they arrested Pedro Tello Rodriguez Jr., 25, and charged him with deadly conduct, a third-degree felony.

Heather Roth, a cheerleader with the Woodlands Elite Cheer Co., said on Instagram Live that she and three other cheerleaders had completed practice when they went to a carpool lot just after midnight Tuesday.

Roth said she got out of her friend's car and opened the door to a car she thought was her own, but a man was in the passenger seat.

She said she got out of the car and back into her friend's vehicle.

Have you ever accidentally gone up to or gotten into the wrong vehicle before because it looks like your own?

What happens next is nothing short of horrific.

 Pedro Tello Rodriguez Jr doesn't leave the incident alone. Instead, he chooses to get out and approach the girls who are now in the correct vehicle.

 Roth not sensing she was in danger rolls down her window to apologize and this is when Pedro opens fire.

One of the cheerleaders was treated and released at the scene, but the other, Payton Washington, was life-flighted to the hospital and is in critical condition, according to Elgin police.

Woodlands Elite Cheer posted this on their Facebook page and ask Texans and the country to "please keep these girls and our WE cheer family in your thoughts and prayers."

Here is news coverage from KHOU11 on YouTube.

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