You may not recognize his name, but I assure you. He was probably a big part of your childhood.

Happy Birthday to the Late Clarence Nash!

Here's a fun fact about Oklahoma I learned today. A man by the name of Clarence Nash was the voice of several of our favorite Disney characters back in the day. Basically, if it was a member of the Duck family in the original cartoons. Clarence was the voice of it.

Donald Duck and Daisy Duck

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Huey, Dewey, and Loie (Donald Duck's Nephews)

Uncle Scrooge

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Don't Worry, Mr. Nash Could Do More Than Just the Ducks

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What's crazy, for a small period of time. The voice of Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse were both Clarence Nash. As many folks know the original voice of the famous mouse was Walt Disney himself. However throughout the years, several different people have voiced the famous mouse including Clarence Nash. Check out his Mickey voice below.

Clarence Nash as Mickey Mouse

Clarence would also work on other Disney projects that didn't feature Mickey or Donald. Including 101 Dalmatians, The Fox and the Hound, Pinocchio, and Bambi. Clarence would retire from The Walt Disney company in 1971, but would come out of retirement in 1983 for one last Donald Duck voice.

Mickey's Christmas Carol, The Last Clarence Nash Donald Duck

Since Christmas is around the corner, maybe Mickey's Christmas Carol is a tradition of yours. Clarence Nash would play Donald Duck one last time for this movie. He would be the only original voice to return to play his character.

First Time the World Saw Clarence Nash

Obviously the voice behind cartoon characters back in the day people really didn't know. Nowadays you can follow them on social media, but back in the day you had to hope they would appear on some TV show. The world saw Clarence do Donald Duck on What's My Line back in 1954. You can scroll all the way to the end to hear him do the voice.

R.I.P. to the Legendary Voice

I can't imagine doing the voice of Donald Duck for that many years. It seems like one of the hardest voices to do and would just destroy your throat. Clarence did the voice of Donald for 51 years. Just wanted to share a fun fact about an Oklahoman that you may not have known.
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