Waffle House never disappoints. 

Everyone knows that if you’re looking for some entertainment after the club closes, just go to Waffle House. Everyone there will most likely be drunk and wanting to keep the party going. And I wouldn’t be in the least surprised if even the employees have a pretty good buzz going.

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It seems that most of the time I hear about fights that break out there. Kid Rock famously got in a brawl at a Waffle House in Atlanta back in 2007. That squabble resulted in a $40,000 payout from Rock and his boys. 

This time, however, the folks are just looking to have a good time. Unfortunately, the person filming the ruckus at a Dallas Waffle House just wanted to eat their meal in peace. 

My advice to anyone who is just looking to eat their meal in peace in the middle of the night would be to go anywhere but Waffle House. I mean, it has the reputation it does for a reason. Maybe hit up IHOP or Denny’s instead. 

Anyway, watch and laugh as the patrons at that Dallas Waffle House twerk and dance the night away in the video below.

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