If you love a good cringe moment, this one got me this week.

It sucks when you think you have a big dunk on someone and absolutely fail. That's what happened to Representative Jared Patterson who represents District 106 in our state. It's sort of the Northwest corridor of Frisco. A big topic in a recent session was a raise for Texas teachers. Apparently Texas is having a hard time keeping teachers and one of the reasons is they have some of the lowest pay in the country.

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A Raise for Texas Teachers?

One bill recently proposed would give a teacher a pay raise based on their experience. KXAN has a great breakdown on what that would mean for different teachers in Texas. The more experience and more certifications the higher your pay would be. Well it looks like State Representative Trey Martinez Fischer wants to give Texas teachers a flat $10,000 raise.

So Representative Jared Patterson attempted to dunk on Representative Martinez. Jared Patterson said, "Earlier this session, there was a press conference talking about a fifteen thousand dollar pay raise for Texas teachers, and your amendment has a ten thousand dollar raise for teachers. Are you saying teachers are not worth that extra five thousand dollars?"

Check Out the Awkward Exchange Below

Representative Martinez claims he went lower in the hopes that Republicans would sign the bill, but he is willing to go the extra five if both of them are willing to sign. They then go back and forth talking about going to thirty or even forty thousand dollars more for teachers. Jared Patterson then says he's just going to vote it down. Ever since this moment, Jared Patterson has been getting bombarded with this video in his comments about caring about teachers.

We all know what happened here one of these guys is a Republican and the other is a Democrat. They always have to try to one up each other and it's why I can't stand politics. However, if you try to call someone's bluff and they just say they're going to vote no anyway. Why even get up in the first place?

The bill was voted no yesterday.

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