Being a repo man has to be among the most dangerous professions in the world.

And you know the guys and gals that are tasked with repossessing vehicles are well-armed. I know I would be.

And the below video backs up my assumption.

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The clip shows a red tow truck pulling a white car pull into what I assume is an impound somewhere in the Dallas area. You’ll notice a maroon mini-SUV parked next to a black tow truck that appears to be waiting to be let into the impound.

Watch as the mini-SUV starts to slowly back out of the lot when suddenly, gunfire erupts.

The mini-SUV then backs into the road to speed away from the scene. That’s when the guy driving the tow truck gets out and unloads on the people inside the mini-SUV.

It’s not clear as to whether or not the tow truck driver hit anyone inside the vehicle, but the driver does pull into the grass field across the street from the impound, before eventually regaining control and then speeding away.

You then see the black tow truck turn around to chase after the mini-SUV. At the same time, a man brandishing a pistol walks out of the impound to check out the situation.

The moral of the story is that if your vehicle is repossessed, just get the money together to get it back. Rolling up on an impound full of armed dudes and opening fire will not end well for you.

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