I don't know how many times I have to say how magical the Christmas season seems to be in Amarillo. You can't help but feel part of that magic in any part of Amarillo. You see the decorations. You see the lights.

You get to see all of the great inflatables all over town too. Amarillo just seems to scream Christmas. Oh, it is a magical time that we all need to take a second and enjoy. One place that the family needs to go and check out is Christmas in the Gardens. It just kicked off at The Amarillo Botanical Gardens - 1400 Streit Drive.

There is so much Christmas squeezed into the beautiful Botanical Gardens. The lights are a must-see and there are over half a million to see. It's a great place to stroll through with your loved ones. There are definitely plenty of great photo opportunities for you to enjoy for years to come.

There are several chances to enjoy the Gardens this holiday season. They are open every Thursday through Sunday starting November 30th. They will also be open for the final week before Christmas.

If you have never been out to the gardens at Christmas you are missing out. Many hours of placing over half a million lights really pay off once the sun in the Texas Panhandle goes down.

The magic of Christmas can be found at The Amarillo Botanical Gardens. You just have to go looking for it. You don't have to look very hard.

The Bright Lighs of Christmas in the Gardens

The Amarillo Botanical Gardens is a beauty anytime but you can't miss it at Christmas.

Gallery Credit: Melissa Bartlett/TSM