Its been said that baseball is America's "pastime" but football is America's "passion" and that is really true in Texas.

From Friday Night Lights to Sundays at AT&T Stadium, fall weekends are all about football and with the "UFL" and other leagues popping up and going, we still can't get enough of the gridiron.

It's a known fact that the Dallas Cowboys are an iconic brand beyond Dallas but the mayor believes the Boys could use an "in city rival".

It All Started On Twitter With A Question From @NFLOnCBS

The NFL On CBS Twitter page tweeted a question asking about NFL expansion and what city deserves a new franchise.

This question was purely hypothetical and a lot of folks replied but one reply from Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson got folks talking.

"The Answer Is Dallas. Why?"

The Mayor argues that Dallas is about to be the largest city in the U.S. without  2 NFL teams like L.A. and New York City and believes the metro area has enough to support two teams.

Rumors Of A Possible Move Of The Chiefs From Kansas City Started Earlier This Year.

Las Vegas Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs
David Eulitt / Getty Images

A months ago, we reported that the Kansas City Chiefs, who were seeking a new stadium from voters in Missouri but were rejected, were "flirting" with a return to Dallas but those rumors have quietly went away.

Maybe because of the objections of a certain team that is already established in the area.

What About The "Dallas" Cowboys?

Now to be clear, he made sure to mention the METRO area and not the City of Dallas proper as to not alienate the "Dallas Cowboys" brand and possibly draw the ire of Jerry Jones.

He pointed at that if a team wants to move to the area, they would have to represent one of the "suburbs" like Frisco.

Would You Support Another NFL Team In North Texas?


While this is "Cowboy Country" there's MORE THAN ENOUGH PEOPLE WHO AREN'T COWBOY FANS to potentially have another option.

What say you? Are there enough fans to sustain a Cowboys competitor in the same market?

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