Marshall, Texas was once the home to the Wild Horse Saloon, a place that nearly stole Drew Barrymore form the world.

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That's right, a world without Drew Barrymore.   That means a world without Gertie in ET,  or Charlie in Firestarter.  No 50 First Dates, Wedding Singer, or Never Been Kissed.   A tragedy in Texas nearly stopped all those movies from happening.

Texas tried to kill Drew Barrymore's great-grandfather

Herbert Arthur Chamberlayne Blyth aka Maurice Barrymore, the patriarch of the Barrymore family was a well-known actor beginning his career in the 1870s after coming to the United States.


On March 19, 1879, Maurice Barrymore was in Marshall, Texas along with another actor, Ben Porter.  The duo were involved in a card game with notorious gunfighter Jim Currie, where they won some money.  Later in the evening Porter and Barry were having dinner at the White House Saloon when a very drunk Jim Currie showed up and insulted the two and their dinner partner, actress Ellen Cummins.

Portal to Texas History
Portal to Texas History

Having enough of the insults Barrymore challenged Currie to a fight, however, the fight never started.  Currie pulled out his gun and shot Barrymore in the chest, and then shot Porter in the stomach.   Ben Porter died.  Barrymore however lived, after doctors spent the night trying to save him.

Barrymore's wife Georgiana, whom he married in 1876, rushed to Texas to be by her husband's side as he recovered despite being 7 months pregnant.

Unfortunately, Barrymore and Porter did not receive justice.  Jim Currie was found not guilty during the trial.  It is believed that Currie's brother Andrew Currie used his political influence to secure that not guilty verdict.

Unfortunately, Maurice Barrymore had a mental breakdown in 1901 and was committed.  He died on March 5, 1905, nearly 26 years after surviving being shot.

There you have it, the day that nearly stole the whole line of Barrymore's from the world, including Drew.

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