One of the spices most people in Texas use in its recipes besides garlic, chili powder, and cumin is cinnamon.  Cinnamon is a popular spice that can be used in sweet and savory Texas dishes.  However, the FDA has issued a warning for certain cinnamon.

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The FDA has issued an alert for certain cinnamon products because they contain elevated levels of lead.  The FDA highly recommended to consumers to throw these cinnamon items away.  Exposure to lead is dangerous, especially in children.

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Back in October 2023, the FDA issued a recall on cinnamon fruit pouches because of the level of lead found, and went on to further investigate ground cinnamon products.

Here are the items that need to be thrown away:


Two of the companies with products listed above have officially initiated a recall of their ground cinnamon product,  Raja Foods Skokie, IL, and El Chilar Rodriguez, LLC.

As a consumer, it is important to avoid consuming, serving, or selling any product that may contain these particular brands of cinnamon. These types of products are often shelf-stable and can last for a long time. If you have purchased any products containing these brands of cinnamon, it is recommended to dispose of them immediately. Check your cabinets for any cinnamon products you might have purchased recently or in the past few months.

What Will Happen if I have had exposure to lead?

Lead exposure in those who are young are more vulnerable and the potential effects of lead exposure can cause neurological effects that include learning disabilities, behavior difficulties, and lowered IQ.  Click here for a full list of symptoms in children and adults.

If you think you or your child may have been exposed to lead, don't hesitate to get in touch with your doctor.

You can contact the FDA here if you have had any adverse effects or would like to file a complaint.

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