A viral video of airline workers seemingly mishandling the transportation of customers' wheelchairs has sparked backlash online.

In a TikTok video posted by user @haez93, two airline workers in Miami appear to handle a wheelchair with little care while transporting it from the airport to a cart meant to deliver it to its intended plane.

The worker on the raised terminal platform allows the mobility device to shoot down a ramp at high speed. The worker down below watches from the side as it crashes at the bottom and launches off the ramp, flipping over and tumbling wildly onto the hard pavement.

"Dang, after I saw them do this and laugh with the first two wheelchairs I had to get it on film. That is not what I'd call 'handling with care' for someone's mobility device," reads the caption, which also includes the American Airlines hashtag.

In the comments section, viewers expressed disgust at the situation and called on airlines to do better for their disabled and wheelchair-using guests. Other shared their own stories of navigating the flying experience with their wheelchairs or wheelchair-using family members.

"This makes me absolutely rageful [sic]. My sister's wheelchair is her lifeline to the able world... American Airlines are you kidding me?" one user shared.

"This explains why my daughter’s wheelchair was broken when we arrived in Florida for her Make A Wish trip," someone else wrote.

"Do better, American Airlines! Hold your staff accountable. That is someone’s lifeline and wheelchairs are so expensive. Wtf!" another person commented.

"These chairs cost upwards of $3K plus. They aren’t easily replaceable and insurance only covers new chairs every [five] years," someone else wrote.

"That's someone's lifeline. Literally to survive," another viewer commented.

"This makes me want to cry. I can't believe people are so cruel. Immediately fired," someone else weighed in.

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Airlines have been under fire in recent years amid countless reports of mishandled, damaged and broken wheelchairs and other mobility devices.

In September, a disabled Beyoncé fan couldn't take his flight to see the superstar perform live after the airline he booked with was unable to accommodate the size of his wheelchair.

The fan posted about his experience online. Within days of going viral, Beyoncé's team offered him a ticket to another one of the artist's tour stops as well as transportation to and from the concert.

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