It’s Christmas time again in Texas, so you know what that means, families come from all over to visit, shopping for gifts turns into an actual sport, and credit card fraud drastically takes place.

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According to Fox 29, police are warning, individuals to be cautious of "card draining" that has impacted gift cards and local stores. Individuals are taking gift cards from stores, and shelves, and what they’re doing is puncturing the card information before returning it to the rack. Of course, the victim will unknowingly purchase the damaged gift card, which allows thieves to use the stolen card and pin codes to drain the card's actual value. Finance professor Dan Ricardo said that these scammers are looking at gift card purchases, and stealing the numbers before the consumer can buy the card.




I know what you’re probably thinking to yourself what does it necessarily have to do with the great state of Texas? This is not just happening in one area. This is happening all over the country including the great state. It was reported that over 100 Visa vanilla and Apple gift cards were recently compromised at a grocery store which means it is important to take this particular scam very seriously during the holiday season. Keep in mind if you want to purchase gift cards for individuals look on the back of the card and make sure there are no punctures to the gift card so you and your loved ones can enjoy a safe and peaceful Christmas.

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