According to US Today Christine Cockrell, who is an earth science teacher at Gatesville, Texas junior high school is now facing charges of indecency with a child and possession of pornography with intent to distribute. Christine is an eighth-grade teacher here in the great state of Texas and just so everyone can have an understanding of what’s going on the science teacher allegedly sent nudes to a student on Friday and was arrested for sending sexually explicit messages, including the photos to a 15-year-old CHILD on Instagram according to multiple reports.

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On April 11, the 15-year-old victim told the independent school district that the offender had exchanged nude photos and begun sexing with the student in 2023. Once Cockrell was questioned about the obscene accusation she admitted to messaging students on social media, but cannot recall whether there were any photographs of her breast, the 15-year-old victim had stated. For a month new photos were being sent to the child and during that time there was discussion or meeting up for sex, but fortunately, that never took place.




The victim says that the educator began the sexual conversations on Instagram in the middle of his eighth-grade year, which was January of last year. Christine explained to the victim, according to the 16-year-old that she wanted to take a younger guy under her wing and teach him stuff and begin asking the young teenager questions about his genitalia. The detective contacted a child who had an encounter with Christine and learned around his 17th birthday that Cockrell messaged him on social media saying "cute" and once the student told her he was in high school she replied that "no one has to know. "This is why you must keep an eye on your children, because even in school sometimes it is not safe.

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