If you’ve ever been or lived in the great state of Texas you know there’s only one grocery store we hold near dear. No, I’m not talking about Walmart even though it’s an okay store, and Kroger doesn’t even come close to Texas’s favorite magic store. I’m speaking about H-E-B. I don’t know who doesn’t shop at H-E-B and doesn’t have a serious love for it. I know people who have moved out of the state to visit their first stop at one of our H-E-B.

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H-E-B has some of the freshest produce, some great homemade crafts and accessories. It is in one store that everybody loves, but recently, according to the FDA, H-E-B issued a voluntary recall for 3-ounce cups of Creamy Creation, Ice Cream, and select flavors. Of course, we love a good Blue Bell ice cream, but Creamy Creations is the go-to ice cream here in the great state. Creamy Creations come with, natural ingredients, fresh cream, and local milk and have been around since 1905.



HEB Caramel Pecan Turtle Creamy Creations ice cream - Courtesy Photo
Courtesy Photo

So once I heard about the recall, I was somewhat devastated, but happy it was off the shelves. H-E-B voluntarily recalled the product for potential metal in the ice cream. This is for the 12-count package of 3-ounce cups of cream, ice creams, and select flavors. This product was distributed to all H-E-B’s in Texas, Mexico, and the Central Market. There have not been any injuries related to the product recall, and the ice cream has been removed from the shelves. The people at H-E-B are working hard to put the product back on the shelves as soon as possible, especially because it is a fan favorite. Customers who purchase this particular ice cream should not consume the item and can return it with a full refund because everything is better here at H-E-B!

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