(Temple, TX) - Winning money is extra exciting in Texas, isn't it? There's just something about the prize that feels a little bit bigger in the Lone Star State. We all know the state motto, after all.

But how does one win the lottery? Well, by taking a little risk, buying a lottery ticket, and having a little bit of luck. But where oh where should you buy a ticket for your chance at the big bucks?

There're a lot of places to grab a ticket, but there's one place in Central Texas that some might be heading to after it was revealed that a ticket sold there just paid half a million dollars.

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Texstar Travel Center In Temple Held A Big Surprise

The Texas Lottery Commission reports that right here in Temple, one of our stores sold something many have dreamed of holding in their hands: a $500,000 winning lotto ticket!

At the time of writing, the winner's identity hasn't been revealed. Which, honestly, I think is a good thing. Can you think of all the family members that are suddenly going to ask for money?

But here's the main thing: this store, according to CW33, is located at 1300 N General Bruce Drive. That store is located just a few blocks from our office, which is oddly wonderful and little tragic considering it could have been one of us. Oh well.

So maybe it's time that some of us here at Townsquare Media go over and buy ourselves some lottery tickets, because there has to be some luck in Temple!

Well, let's look at some other big winners in Texas!

We all wish to win the lottery, but only a select amount of people win large sums of money. Which are the biggest?

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