All of us at one point in our lives will possibly wish to upgrade our living area. Due to the normal wear and tear of life, or simply because it's just time for a refurbishment. However, there's always the task of finding a company to do the work.

Recently, one company in Central Texas named Ocean Quest Pools is currently being examined for alleged projects they have left unfinished. After declaring bankruptcy, questions still remain, which are in the process of being answered.

Now another business in Central Texas is alleged to have also left multiple projects unfinished, and more Texans are coming forward to report those projects not having reached completion.

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Clayton Construction And Alleged Project Mismanagement

Recently, KWTX reported on the story of Mel Preist. She originally hired Clayton Construction to have an add-on to her barn. She wanted to add an apartment to the barn she has.

But problems soon emerged when after initial beginnings. When the apartment flooded, Preist reported the issue to Clayton Construction, and since then, there has been no updates to the apartment in question.

Preist, to avoid more flooding, solicited another contractor to fix the issue. But Preist isn't the only one who has suffered loss of money. KWTX reports that Clayton Construction is alleged to have cost customers nearly two million dollars in losses.

While KWTX was unable to reach Clayton Construction for any comment on the matter, this issue started to be noticed at the beginning of January:

At the time, KCEN was also able to reach the owner for a comment:

As this is a developing story, we will have more information as is it becomes available.

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