Graduating high school is huge moment for any student. It's a combination of all the work they've done to finally reach that point in their life. But it's not only the student that gets to celebrate the moment, others get to partake in the celebrations.

From parents to grandparents, to brothers and sisters, to friends in their class, it's a moment that everyone should be excited about. But...what about if the student has a job? The fact they held a job and attended classes at such a young age is pretty special.

Well, one of our favorite Texas businesses showed their love for the young new graduates in the only way they know how.

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H-E-B In Belton Celebrates Their Young Workers Graduation

In videos posted to Tik Tok, the newest members of the graduating class of Belton High School got a celebration in place they might've not expected. Where did it happen you ask? None other that the store they work at!

As shown in the video above, they got to do a walk and appear before balloons with the year 2023 shown. Well at least what they planned to look like, they weren't just facing to correct way when videoed haha! Some even dressed up for the occasion as shown in another video:

One thing is certainly for sure, H-E-B made the right decision in throwing a little party for the newest high school graduates. Congrats to them, and commendations to a Texas original for celebrating their workers!

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