Back to school can already be trying enough for a family with all the adjustments to daily routines filled anxiety over the new challenges and changes that we sometimes overlook are happening to little humans that are often still very young. That's why when you are a mother in Killeen, Texas and receive a call from your child asking where you are, an immediate panic can easily overtake you because you are right where you told your kid you would meet them.

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My wife is a grown woman in her 40s and extremely gifted when it comes to raising our 3 young kids, but even I get a twist in my stomach when she calls me only mildly worked up about one of the children. I can only attempt to imagine what she or any other mother must feel when the role is reversed, and they are receiving a call from one of their own babies who is a bit freaked out because they can't spot their parent.

How did the child end up at the wrong bus stop in the first place?


Aside from it being just the second day of the new school year, this particular young girl had also been homeschooling for the past three years, so the concept of riding a bus without a guardian was very new all by itself. So, when she walked off at the wrong stop in a completely different neighborhood the makings of this story could have been disastrous.

Thankfully, she was able to get in contact immediately with her mother, and a good hearted passerby also was able to lend a hand. Killeen ISD has been notified of the error, and they are working to make sure this doesn't happen again with any student.

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