I've been searching for a new house for what feels like forever. After going inside at least 50 houses, I swear I have only been inside 3. Is this how you feel when searching for a home in Killeen-Temple, Texas?

This is not one of those if you have seen one, you have seen them all things. It just feels like all the houses are exactly the same after the blitz of viewings blur into a never ending montage of kitchen counters and walk in closets.


What must you have in a home? Do you have several deal breakers?

#1: This may seem weird, but I must have a soaking tub.

When you are 6'3 and 250 pounds, a regular bath tub simply will not do. Could I go the rest of my life without ever taking a bath again? Yes, but that is irrelevant because even if you never bathe, it is something that a future buyer will look for when it is time to sell your house.

#2: You can never have too many cabinets.

When you spend more time in the kitchen besides any room in the house other than the bedroom, you have to have room to put all your cooking gear. Small electrics alone will fill several cabinets before you even get to the pots and pans.

#3: A plus sized garage.

Besides going outside to escape the family or having a dedicated man cave, a large garage is a great way to get some alone time. You can adopt workshop projects, and it's always nice to have a spot for your bonus fridge. Depending on your pantry size, adding a couple baker's racks to the garage is a great way to store backstock on those food items you use most.

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Bonus Need: An extra large kitchen refrigerator.

When you have several little kids, you can never have enough space on the fridge to put up priceless art.

What are you must haves when it comes to your home? Also, do you need to sell your house?

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