We've discussed in the past some of the brands that are from Texas that everyone in the nation recognizes. They are loved so much, that Texans show their love in many ways, such as this Christmas Tree decorated in a familiar orange. But what about combinations of Texas brands?

It's an interesting thought isn't it? Just imagine Big Red and Dr. Pepper combining forces on a soda as an example. Well, actually, we're unsure if that would work as a combination honestly. But for a new Central Texan like me, I've learned very quickly to love these originals.

Heck, they opened a Whataburger in Alabama where I worked and that should have been a sign that moving to Texas was in my future at some point. But I also learned to love H-E-B, a grocery store that we're pretty sure has everything you could ever want.

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Both are part of every Texans lives, but what if they were together, in one place? That sounds outrageous doesn't it?

Well, Not Completely Out Of The Ordinary

As it turns out, this magical combination exists in Texas, and it's closer to us than we think. In the town of Hutto, Whataburger and H-E-B coexist in the same building! Yes, it has been in operation for a while, but it's still a beauty to behold, thanks to Chron taking photos of it.

So at some point we'll need to visit this building that oozes Texas pride. But one question remains...do we call it WhataH-E-B or H-E-Burger?

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