Cooking in Texas can only be described as an art form right?

For example, we've all seen the food that is presented at the State Fair of Texas. The amount of time, effort, and most of all creativity it takes for some of these creations is nothing short of spectacular. But thankfully today, we'll be talking about something a little less complex.

Instead, we'll be talking about: cookies! We doesn't love a good cookie after all? They come in all different types of flavors too. But for one woman in Central Texas, her beginnings in the cookie business have led to a national stage.

Chelsea Fullmer And Her Cookies Land Her On A Famous TV Channel

FOX 7 Austin reports that Fullmer's food journey began by simply making sweets for her daughters first birthday. The cookies she made helped create a business. Talking to FOX 7 she said:

"From that, I just turned it into a little business, which was really great because my kids were still just turned into a much bigger thing than I was really anticipating."

From there, her culinary journey was on, and this time, more than just people in Texas will see her.

Fullmer's Appearance On Food Network

After multiple attempts to get onto the channel, Fullmer is set to appear on the "Halloween Cookie Challenge." She'll be in the running for a $10,000 prize. Which if she wins, according to FOX 7, will be for her son with Type 1 Diabetes.

Fullmer's episode will on October 23rd at 9:00 in the evening. You know who we will be cheering for!

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