Everybody in the state of Texas has a favorite candy right?

There's so many to choose from right? From Pay Days to Sweetarts, to Nerds to Starburst. Can't forget chocolate either right?

Point is, there's a lot of candy around, and plenty for us to eat. But the thing is, what is put into making the sweets has always caused voices to raise with concern. Recently however, a new ban of certain items in a candy has made some wonder if it'll be a nationwide change, rather than just in one state.

What state is causing the noise? Well, none other than California.

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The "Skittles Law" And Its Potential Effects In The US

Recently, the state of California passed a bill that outlawed four ingredients in currently found in the sweet, according to the Washington Post:

- Bromated vegetable oil
- Propyl paraben
- Red dye No. 3
- Potassium bromate

These ingredients have been found to have connections to various risks, the main ones being hyperactivity in children and the risk of cancer. The now law prohibits these from being placed into foods in the state.

However, this law will not ban Skittles outright, as some believed it originally would.

Discussions have already begun if this was the correct move, but this could have more ramifications overall in the nation.

How Could This Affect Texas And The Nation?

The Washington Post states that the company that makes the candy, Wrigley, may just outright just change the way that the sweet is made not just for California, but just for the nation.

The reasoning provided is that, according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest scientist Lisa Lefferts, Wrigley may just change the recipe to accommodate California's Law, and sell it nationwide.

Do you agree or disagree with the decision, and do you think Texas will follow suit? Let us know by sending us a message using the chat feature on our free station app.

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