There's...just so many food items to try in the state of Texas.

The Lone Star State has many eateries for residents to eat at. However, some in the state like something different from the normal places everyone goes for food. Certainly, there are places that offer different amenities when you go there.

We've all heard of the familiar ones, such as Medieval Times or Dave and Busters. You probably know of ones in other state as well. But for our Lone Star Stake, we'll be focusing on Texas of course.

Lovefood recently released their picks for the most unusual eateries for every state in the United States, and we have to say, we'll need to visit them soon.

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Are These The Most Strange Eateries In Texas?


Lovefood gave Texas not one, but two selections from Texas on the list. So what's the first you ask? Have you ever eaten at a restaurant and done laundry at the same time?

Well, you can do that at Harvey Washbangers In College Station, Texas!

Yes indeed, you can not only eat, but hey! If you need to get some clothes cleaned, you can do that as well. Just don't eat messy, otherwise you'll have to do more laundry.

The other eatery mentioned is Magic Time Machine in both Dallas and San Antonio.

Lovefood reports that not only is the design interesting, staff also gets to dress up as various characters, which you can see above.

So, it looks like we've got new and interesting places to eat at in Texas!

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