This is some fun trivia for your next gathering, how many candy companies can you name, and where are they located? There are plenty that are easy to identify like Hershey in Hershey, Pennsylvania, but did you know just one Texas company ranks among the largest candy producers on the whole planet?

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I do not know how long this company has been performing as a top world wide confectioner of choice, but I can just about guarantee their numbers will not be sliding anytime soon as long as my wife is a resident of the Lone Star State. If you want any idea how much my wife loves candy, just know I have assemble bakers racks for snacks, and might need to construct additional pantry space just so we have somewhere to put the real food in this house.

If you're one of those, "Tell me like I'm 5 years old people," this video is for you.

Sunrise Confections is one of those stories that definitely started small, and has grown into a legit super star in the candy business. The origins of the parent company Mount Franklin Foods started with a single seed (nut), and is now a top 50 candy producer with over $400 Million in sales annually.

They may not have quite the big name headquarters like Mars Wrigley in Chicago or Ferrero Group in Luxembourg, Italy, but you can bet your bottom dollar that if anyone in the great state of Texas knows Sunrise is from El Paso, then everyone else they know soon will too.

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