Texas residents, we've all seen interesting looking bodies of water right?

This state is full of so many different types of terrain as well. So when you come across something that seems out of place, it catches your eye. It could be an animal pen far off a path, or a random tree that has fallen down on your path.

Regardless of whatever it is, the scene certainly stands out. But, it's also a part of making Texas the state that it is. So we celebrate these strange occurrences for what they are. However, today we'll be talking about something that would might warm your heart more than anything.

One pond in Texas has stolen many a heart, for it's very special shape.

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A Pond With A Heart As Big As The Lone Star State


So what could this body of water look like? Perhaps a famous Texas animal? Maybe like the star on the state flag? Could it just be shaped like the Lone Star State?

Well, if you guessed any of those, you'd sadly be wrong. Rather, it's shaped like a heart!

Yes, the Lubbock body of water is certainly making some feel the love, which is just wonderful. But how did the pond come to be? According to KETK, the owners of the area where the pond is located made it themselves!

Yes, as much as we'd like to have the pond be a natural occurrence, it was indeed created using extra land. According to the owners as well, they even hold events at the pond too!

Well, if you really love somebody, maybe proposing the big question here would be a good idea too!

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