Food is important to everyone in the state of Texas. After all, we do get hungry every day. Sadly however, sometimes food in the state can be rendered not safe for eating due to multiple factors.

Recently, a certain type of rice in the state of Texas has been recalled. Here is what known at the time of writing.

Rice Recall In The State Of Texas

According to Food Safety News, the recalling of the rice has been effect from the FDA since March 6th. The rice in question, Emerald River Premium Thai Jasmine Rice, is being called back. It is described as this:

- Net Wt 50 lb (22.7 kg)
- UPC 0 28571 00474 6″
- Product Quantity: 2700 bags
- Code Information: Lot 11526 090425
- Best if used by: 04/Sep/2025

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Food Safety News reports the reason for rescinding of the product is that glass was discovered in it. Individuals who have purchased the rice described above are encouraged to either throw away the item or taken back to the store they bought it from.

The product was available for purchase in four states: Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington.

If more information becomes available in regards to the recall, we will report it here.

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