Recently, in Waco, Texas, Lake Waco encountered a major issue in terms of dealing with waste. Here's what we know about the situation.

Details As Revealed By KXXV

According to KXXV, a wastewater collection facility, placed at 8920 Skeet Eason Road, suffered from a power issue. When the issue occurred, the lift station at premises was rendered out of commission. This in turn, as reported by KXXV, caused 610,000 gallons of waste to go into the waters of Lake Waco, according to Jessica Sellers, City of Waco Public Information Specialist.

Repairs also took quite a bit of time as well, with KXXV reporting that due to equipment and staff being required for the fixing of the station, sewage went into the body of water for 16 hours. While some may be worried about the quality of the water, Sellers, told the news organization there was nothing to worry about.

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Report From The City Of Waco

When Sellers talked to KXXV, she stated that while some will be scared of the water quality, there is nothing to fear:

“We’re always treating our water and keeping it in high standard so that’s something that we’ll continue to do but in this particular situation we do have chlorination and then de-chlorination so that way that will keep things disinfected that’s the important thing."

She also went into detail about how to the amount sounds worse than it actually is:

“Sounds like a lot but when you talk about the volume of the lake it’s actually a pretty small amount which is good. The other thing is because of that rain, and also because of the water that’s in the lake, it all gets kind of diluted so it’s something that makes it less worrisome."

As this is a developing story, we will have more information when it becomes available.

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