Whataburger is a Texas burger joint icon, and while the menu has a lot of variety to offer, there's one thing they won't give you, even if you ask nicely. In fact, it'd be kinda awkward if you did.

No, I'm not talking about breakfast at Noon or a quadruple cheeseburger smothered in gravy (actually, they might give you that last one). I'm talking about something you probably wouldn't even think to ask for unless you're channeling your inner edgy 12-year-old.

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There's A Banned Number At Whataburger

During a recent lunch run to Whataburger, my friends and I joked that if somebody ever got this number, we'd just have to take the tent home with us. It being a number anyone with a DJ's juvenile sense of humor would love to have, at least one of us was hoping to nab it.

"Sorry, But They Don't Let Us"

When we went up to the counter, one of my coworkers simply asked if they could have the number. It was then revealed to us that nobody was going to get the number, and it wasn't just because it was a bunch of greasy radio DJs asking.

In fact, the clerk told us that particular number is taken out of rotation before ANYBODY can get their hands on it!

So…What Is the Number in Question? Do You Think You Know What It Is? Alright, Drum Roll Please…the Number Is…

You guessed it: 69!

That's right - Bill and Ted's favorite number isn't given out at Whataburger.

Why Is That?

Well, according to the employee, the company got tired of people asking for 69 table tents as if it was peak comedy, but they were mostly upset that people would actually get into FIGHTS over them!

While we understand wanting that number for a chuckle, is it really worth getting into a fight over? Sounds like something Cheeseburger Josh would have done.


If you're polite about it, most Whataburger employees won't have a problem with you taking your table tent home. So if you get a number 1, your lucky number, or the number of your favorite player, just ask nicely and you could add it to your collectibles shelf.

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