KFC has something new for its fans. You might think with the weather getting warmer it could be a healthier option like a wrap or a salad but it isn't. It is called "Chizza."

Now if you were a reasonable person you would think "Chizza" would be fried chicken on pizza but it isn't that either. It's pizza on fried chicken. The bottom is a fried chicken fillet that acts as the crust, then the marinara sauce is spread across the fillet, then it is covered with mozzarella cheese and pepperoni on top.

So it really sounds like a pizza topping on a piece of fried chicken.

"CHIZZA" will be available Monday at most KFC locations and it will be $9.99 or you can make it a combo for $12.99. All of the promotional materials are saying its for a limited time so if you want to try it you better hop on it early.

The funny thing about "CHIZZA" is that this is not something new for KFC lovers. It has never been offered in the United States but "CHIZZA" has been offered in many other countries for several years. It has been available in the Philippines, India, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, Spain, Germany, Mexico, Jamaica, and a few others.

This commercial is actually from 5 years ago and ran in Jamaica.  I remember the first time I went to Jamaica and we passed by a KFC location and the locals told us that KFC stood for Keep From Cooking!

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