Some of the biggest internet stars today have been from Texas; but internet stars have been around since...well the internet (I know shocking right??). And one of the biggest viral videos I remember was the classic "Boom Goes the Dynamite" guy; whose real name is Brian Collins who went to Ball State University. Turns out that Indiana wasn't the only state Brain gave news reports for, Texas was another state too.

In case you have never seen "Boom Goes the Dynamite", here you go

Watching the video again, it's both cringy and admirable how much Brian was able to continue with giving his sports reports on LIVE television. As someone who's been on tv, it can be pretty nerve-racking. Especially since he was just a freshmen in college when this video surfaced. But he became a star AND he improved his journalism game; eventually working for a news station in Central Texas.

Where did Brian Collins work for in Texas?

If you know KXXV-TV, aka ABC 25 in Waco, Killen & Bryan, Texas, you might remember Brian being on tv during the late 2000s as a newscaster. However in June 2009, Brian was let go from his KXXV-TV job. But that didn't stop Brian from being a news reporter; he would still find work working for KSAX (now KSTP-TV) in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Today his Linkedln account says that Brian currently lives in Loveland, Ohio.

You can see some of his news stories on YouTube & see how much he improved from his internet start.

Brian's story is an excellent case of, even if you make a mistake, roll with it. Keep going and don't stop trying. Cause you WILL improve and you will get better. Plus... you never know if you'll end up creating Internet magic.

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