Texas has a long of history of giving us amazing eats. No matter where you go, there are several places where you can not only eat some incredible food, but also see some incredible pieces of history. Some places are over 50 years, some over 100 years old. And for a very few Texas restaurants, they have been around since the 1800s with over 150 years of business.

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What are the oldest restaurants in Texas?

For me, living in El Paso, we've seen some classic restaurants that have stood the test of time. Places like Kiki's Mexican Restaurant, Lucy's & Chico's Tacos are favorites amongst us in the Sun City. All of them have been around for decades --Kiki's has been open since 1976, Lucy's since 1974 & Chico's since 1953.

Those are old restaurants...but even then, they don't compare to other restaurants in cities such as Dallas, Houston, or even elsewhere in El Paso.

I can say...after looking up some of the oldest places to eat in Texas, I definitely had some more ideas on where to go eat (not just in town either). Sadly not every place stays open either, we've seen several places from the 1800sthe 1900s close down because they run of business or other reasons.

But these places ARE still open; they have going strong since before the 1950s for you to enjoy delicious food of all different kinds (barbecue, seafood, Mexican, German, etc). So nevertheless, here are 15 of the oldest restaurants that you can go to and visit in the entire state of Texas.

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EDIT: This was originally published November 8, 2023.