When you think of Santa Fe, New Mexico what's the first thing that comes to mind?

Maybe the beautiful desert landscape. The chilis. Or maybe the beautiful southwestern skies and the architecture?

Santa Fe, New Mexico considered one of the best Christmas towns
Gabriel Tovar via Unsplash

I'm sure that on that list, "winter wonderland", is probably all the way at the bottom!

But when the days get shorter and the air gets chillier, Santa Fe becomes one beautiful winter getaway! That's at least what this one list is declaring!

House Beautiful has released a list of the 30 best Christmas Towns in the USA for a Magical Winter Getaway and Santa Fe came in at number seven!

Santa Fe, New Mexico
Santa Fe Antiques via Facebook

Here is what House Beautiful had to say about Santa Fe being on their magical winter getaway list:

For a dreamy and unique experience, head to Santa Fe. One of the most anticipated celebrations is the Canyon Road Farolito Walk, which is when thousands of farolitos—luminaries made of paper bags, sand, and tea candles—cast a glow on the gardens and old buildings that line the road. You also can get your white Christmas fix by visiting Ski Santa Fe.

Okay, I didn't know you could ski in Santa Fe!

One look at Santa Fe in the winter and I think you'll agree that it's kind of like stepping into a Hallmark Christmas movie!

And the plaza at night is a real Christmas spectacular!

Santa Fe isn't a far drive from El Paso, and since winter is a little delayed here, this would make the perfect winter road trip!

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