Texas has been blessed to see some of the biggest British bands in rock history. Names like Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones... they have all played the Lone Star state. Another name is the iconic punk band, the Sex Pistols. They've had very limited exposure playing in the States; Texas was fortunate to see them twice during their 1978 U.S. Tour.

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The Sex Pistols first played San Antonio on January 8, 1978

The first stop for the Pistols in Texas was at Randy's Rodeo, a bowling alley that held 1,200 concert goers on that date. From people who were there, the crowd threw popcorn, hot dogs and beer cans at the band. Sid Vicious even shouted "You cowboys are all a bunch of f***ing f****ts!" & would throw his bass guitar at a concert goer who tried to fight Sid.

Nevertheless, the band DID play 13 songs. The entire concert, including Sid's anger, would be recorded in its entirety.

The concert venue is now a Randy's Bingo; but people certainly remember that show today. One person, Chip Shirley, gave a 20 minute video of his retelling of that very concert on YouTube.

Dallas was the next city Sex Pistols would play on January 10, 1978

After the band performed in Baton Rouge the day prior, the band travelled back to Texas to perform at the Longhorn Ballroom in Dallas. The band would perform for a total of 800 people at the club; and well...this show was also quite memorable thanks to Sid. This time, he was covered in blood & was even punched in the face by a fan (and was hit by his own mic stand). When you watch the band perform, you can see faint blood stains on Sid's body too.

Just like their San Antonio performance, their whole Dallas performance is also uploaded too so people can hear. Some concert goers said they sucked; others disagreed. So I'll let you decide.

The Pistols WOULD perform in Texas again, many years later. They would perform in Dallas & Houston on Aug 2 & Aug 3, 1996. These shows would prove to be MUCH less crazy but it shows that the fans still loved what they did.

Even decades after these concerts, people still remember them for good reason. Some were excited to see a band they truly wanted to see and others... well they certainly had an amazing story to tell.

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