Texas loves football; I know shocker right? And with every great football team, you need a great mascot to hype up the team & the fans. But some mascots are more popular than others. But who's the most popular & who's the most unpopular in Texas college & NFL football?

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Here are most popular college football mascots in Texas

In the world of college football, there are currently 13 schools that compete against each other, meaning there are 13 different mascots. According to the NFL's list of the 15 greatest mascots; 3 of them belong to Texas colleges:

Texas Tech's The Masked Raider ranked at number 14,

Oklahoma State v Texas Tech
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Bevo, the mascot for the Texas Longhorns, ranked #12,

LSU v Texas
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and the mascot for the Texas A&M Aggies, Reville, cracked the top 5 at #4. Fun fact, Reville is not the only dog mascot held by a Texas college.

New Mexico v Texas A&M
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Meanwhile on the bottom end of the college mascot spectrum, Tecom, the Comet from the University of Texas at Dallas is regarded as one of the ugliest college football mascot. Not THE ugliest, but one of them... I'm sure he's a nice fella though.

And let's look at the mascots for the Dallas Cowboys & Houston Texans

Well since there's only two Texas NFL teams, they're not much competition. What IS interesting is WHERE they rank amongst all 28 mascots in the NFL.

According to USA Today, Rowdy, the mascot for the Dallas Cowboys ranks at #27... nearly dead last, beating out the Raiders Rusher. The reason why? Well... it could be the eyes...or the smile staring at you. But of course you can come up with your own theories.

Houston Texans v Dallas Cowboys
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Meanwhile Toro, the mascot for the Houston Texans, actually cracked the top 10 at #8.

Kansas City Chiefs v Houston Texans
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Of course who YOU think is the most popular (or unpopular) mascot is all subjective. As long as they hype up the team and they succeed at it, I think that's what matters the most.

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