An 11-year-old Live Oak Middle School student faces a felony charge after Killeen ISD officials and police say he called 911 Friday with a false report of a school shooting.

The student allegedly called emergency services Friday afternoon to report a shooting at Shoemaker High School. The call prompted the evacuation of the campus and a room-by-room sweep by police. Word of the supposed shooting spread across social media, causing fear among students, staff, and parents.

Shortly after the hoax was discovered, Principal Micah Wells recorded a message sent via phone to parents updating them on the situation and assuring them that there was no danger to the school or students.

The 11-year-old responsible for the call has been charged with making a false report - a state jail felony. Their identity has not been released.

Superintendent John Craft expressed his disappointment in the student, whose actions may have put lives in danger and caused a panic.

"We are asking parents throughout our school district to make this very clear to students: we will find and arrest and help prosecute anyone who threatens the safety of a school or who falsely reports a shooting," Craft said.

Principal Wells said, "This hoax created a potentially dangerous situation for police officers and for students and staff. Our highest priority at Killeen ISD is safety, and threats like this will never be tolerated here."

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