A municipal election judge from Killeen was indicted by the Bell County Grand Jury this week for allegedly trying to vote in three districts during a May election.

Klaus Michael Adam was indicted Wednesday on a charge of criminal attempt of illegal voting. He was arraigned and released on bond Friday.

Authorities say that during the May 4 Killeen municipal election, City staff noticed that an election judge (Adam, they believe) cast a vote in each of the three district elections. He was only eligible to cast a vote in one district.

City staff reported the issue to the Killeen Police Department. When investigators determined that an offense had occurred, they sent the case to the Bell County District Attorney's Office, who decided to place it before the grand jury.

According to Hilary Shine with the City of Killeen, the improper votes did not affect the outcome of any district elections due to a significant vote differential in each race.

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