Killeen ISD officials say no students were injured when a school bus and a car collided Tuesday afternoon.

According to an alert from Killeen ISD, Route 11 Bus 535 was involved in a crash on Chaparral Drive near White Castle and Oak Creek at 3:28 PM. The bus was traveling southeast when it was struck by a car headed in the opposite direction. Thirteen students and a bus driver were aboard. Thankfully, no injuries were reported aboard the bus. We don't know the condition of the occupants of the car, but there was no word of any injuries late Tuesday afternoon.

A spare bus was called in to pick up the students and get them home safely.

The crash remained under investigation Tuesday afternoon, and police have not commented on a suspected cause.

Roadways have been slick all day, so it's possible that was a factor. It's also possible someone was driving irresponsibly around a school bus. Know the rules, folks. They could save a child's life.

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