Before we get into it, I want to thank Chelsea Edwards with our partners at News 10 for this fun, alliterative headline: 'Pint-size pair of porch pirates pinch package'. Poetry.

The headline is fun, but the story is no laughing matter. Edwards reports that two little girls were captured in surveillance footage stealing a package from a home in Killeen.

The duo appeared to be around ages 10 and 5, and were filmed grabbing a package containing around $300 worth of makeup and running off with it. The older girl tried to cover the camera with a security sign from the homeowner's yard in a futile attempt to mask her face.

"Seeing how young they were, especially the little one being only 4 or 5, that was really concerning to me,” the package's owner, Svenja Jefferson, told News 10. “But the extra thought that was put into this really makes me wonder if someone put them up to this."

“Hopefully it was just innocent child’s play,” she said.

Jefferson's belongings were returned to her by a neighbor whose package was also pirated. The parcel was returned to them, and contained Jefferson's items as well.

When I was a kid, my friends and I would get bored sometimes and play ding dong ditch. You know - ringing a neighbor's doorbell and run off. It was stupid, but we were young and dumb. These kids were probably doing something similar, but stepping it up to steal packages. I hope that's the case, at least, and that they figure out that it's a dangerous and awful thing to do.

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