A Killeen octogenarian found guilty of murdering his neighbor in May of 2017 has been sentenced to 14 years in prison.

86-year-old Santiago Vasquez was convicted of first degree murder on May 14, 2019, almost two years after assaulting and fatally shooting 80-year-old neighbor John Wesley Seth Jr.

Witnesses testified that Vasquez had been harassing Seth for some time, and that the two got into an altercation on the afternoon of May 30, 2017. During that argument, Vasquez pushed Seth to the ground and struck him with his cane before shooting him three times in the chest and abdomen.

Vasquez argued at trial that he acted in self-defense. The jury was not convinced.

The Killeen Daily Herald reports that prosecutors and Seth's family had hoped for a longer sentence, but Vasquez's declining health essentially makes 14 years a life sentence.

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