A McDonald's employee in Killeen stabbed a customer in the drive-thru and is now facing the consequences of his actions.

According to a report from the Killeen Daily Herald, 30-year-old James Butts of Killeen stabbed another man on May 5, 2020 in the drive-thru of a McDonalds.

2020 may be over, but it seems the remnants of the year are still with us.

Police responded to the McDonald's at the 2100 block of East Veteran’s Memorial Boulevard after receiving a dispatch about a disturbance. When authorities arrived they learned that Butts had walked out of the restaurant to confront a man in the drive thru.

The man allegedly threatened Butt's relative with a crowbar days earlier.

Butts proceeded to confront the victim and eventually opened the driver's side door. The victim grabbed a glass bottle and broke it on the pavement to form a weapon. The men fought outside the vehicle and Butts was able to stab the man with a knife in the abdomen.

The victim's liver was punctured, but he was able to drive himself to the hospital.

Butts was arrested on May 12, 2020 and was indicted on June 3, 2020. On Tuesday Butts pleaded guilty to a second-degree felony of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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