Thomas Jeremy Jones - Jail Photo
Thomas Jeremy Jones - Jail Photo

31-year-old Thomas Jeremy Jones has been charged with murder and arraigned on $1 million bail after the stabbing incident at the IHOP at 700 W Central Texas Expressway shortly after 3 am Sunday. Witnesses said Farr – Jones’ ex-girlfriend - was riding as a passenger in a gold Cadillac in the restaurant’s parking lot when Jones approached her and an argument ensued. The conflicted escalated into a fight before Jones stabbed Farr multiple times and fled the scene. Farr was taken to Darnall Army Medical Center where she shortly afterward passed away. Jones was found and arrested at a Nolanville home.

This was not the first violent incident involving Farr and Jones. In December 2011, Jones was arrested after Farr told police he punched her in the face during an argument, then jumped on the hood of her car as she attempted to flee from him. Farr reported being so afraid that she continued to drive with Jones holding on to the car. Farr was visibly injured after the incident, and Jones was arrested and charged with assault and bodily injury to a family member, a Class A misdemeanor.

Farr did not press charges, and the case against Jones was dropped after he completed an anger management course. Farr did, however, have a protective order against Jones.

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