Friday the 13th means black cats and deals on tattoos! Let's check out what's being offered in central Texas!

Tattoo shops in Central Texas that are offering some Friday the 13th deals include Kingpin Tattoos, Second to none tattoos, Red Lotus, Loose Cannon Tattoo, Red Fox Tattoo and tons more!

  • 1

    Kingpin Tattoo - 208 W. Veterans Memorial Blvd Harker Heights

  • 2

    Second To None Tattoos - 1054 S. Fort Hood Street, Killeen

  • 3

    Red Fox Tattoo - 2901 W. Elms Rd in Killeen

    Starting Friday at 12 -9 pm
    Saturday 12 - 9
    Sunday - 1 spot left at 4 pm.
    Anyone getting tattooed on this Event will Automatically be Entered in our Raffle With ONE Ticket, to WIN 2 Hours of FREE Tattoo Time!! Additional Tickets will be $ 2

    2901 W. Elms Rd googlemaps
    2901 W. Elms Rd googlemaps

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