During Christmas time we all get together with our family of course and make memories but it is always that one family member or the one event during that special time that always find a way to ruin a moment no one knows exactly why this happens they just know when it happens it’s for sure messes up the whole mood in the household I’m here to give you my top three conversations to avoid during the holiday season.

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My number three is going to sound a little rude but, hey, I’m here to help not to hurt. If you are an older auntie or a grandmother or big sister and you see one of your little nieces or younger relatives and no one‘s mentioned a baby or possible baby all year, why would you think that Christmas is the perfectTime to ask when are you due? That right there is always an awkward moment. When you asked that particular question and the person isn’t pregnant so avoid body shaming, not on purpose.
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The point of a Merry Christmas is to be Merry and enjoy yourself, if you want to drink have a little spirit, champagne, or whatever your choice of alcohol is,
by all means, enjoy yourself! What I will not tolerate is you turning my toilet into a personal trashcan, I don’t care how much of family we are supposed to be, you fall asleep in my bushes I’m calling the cops.
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 Last but not least, I can’t speak for all families but I can definitely speak for mine, I come from a long line of people who say what they mean and mean exactly what they say. Please do not bring a significant other if you are aware that a family member does not particularly care for them because you are sending a sheep to the wolves with no type of protection. Enjoy your holiday and enjoy your family of course Central Texas!

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