Just when you thought it was safe to keep wearing your shorts and sandals, Mother Nature has made plans for something else. The weather in Central Texas lately has been all over the place, and at this point I’m pretty annoyed.

Freezing Rain Is Coming to Killeen, Texas Wednesday and Thursday

Our partners at KWTX-TV report that freezing rain will move into Central Texas Wednesday, and it will make hump day and Thursday cold and icy. The good news is that Chief Meteorologist Brady Taylor doesn’t expect it to be as bad as it was a few weeks ago when everything shut down, but you know how people are when they hear freezing weather is on the way.


Try Not To Panic, Central Texas

Am I the only person who feels like Mother Nature has a personal vendetta against Central Texas? She treats us like we owe her money, and I’m about ready to just Cash App her whatever she wants.

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In all seriousness, this weather can impact our health, and it also makes our roads tricky to drive on. What really worries me though is what we saw happen last time: panic buying. Food supplies and toiletries flew off shelves, and lots of people ended up standing in hour+-long lines at H-E-B and Walmart to buy what little was left.

Let’s be careful and prepared, but let’s also be considerate and smart. For the love of God, please leave enough for others to get what they need to ride out the weather too. This weather will pass and we’ll be fine.

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