Central Texas kids are headed back to school, and that means we'll all need to be on the lookout for school zone lights, school buses, and kids crossing the road.

To make sure people in Killeen are ready to readjust, officials will be testing school zone flashing lights across across the city Friday, August 23.

The test will ensure that the lights are working correctly and have proper timing, but Hilary Shine with the City of Killeen said Tuesday that citizens are asked to observe school zone rules and reduce speeds through those areas during the test.

Enforcement officially begins Monday morning.

"Motorists are asked to exercise caution while drivers and pedestrians adjust to new traffic patterns with the start of school," Shine said. "Increased traffic, school buses, children walking to school and crossing guards should be expected."

It's illegal to be on your phone while driving in a school zone, to go over the lower speed limit, and to pass buses with red lights flashing or STOP signs extended. Not only are those jerk behaviors, but they could get you fined or worse.

You can get a quick refresher on how to drive when you're around Texas school buses here. Everyone gets in a hurry sometimes, but it's never worth endangering kids' lives.

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