The City of Killeen is no longer under Stage 5 water conservation restrictions, but a boil notice remains in place.

At 4:56 PM Monday, City of Killeen Executive Director of Communications Hilary J. Shine announced that water restrictions were lifted effective immediately, meaning normal water use can resume.

However, citizens with water service will need to boil all water before consumption.

"The City had been in Stage 5 restrictions since February 17 because of extremely low water levels across the system," Shine wrote. "Water levels have stabilized, and all normal indoor and outdoor uses are permitted."

Some Killeen residents who are just getting water service back have reported leaks caused by ruptured pipes after last week's winter storm. However, some leaks may be going unreported.

Shine asked that people who have water service restored check for leaks and report them to (254) 501-6320 or as soon as possible. She also urged residents to report leaks they see around their neighborhood.

If you have leaks, the City can send someone out to turn off your water at the meter until they're repaired. You're also welcome to turn the water off if you can access the shutoff. Just make sure it's actually YOUR water you're turning off.

For those who are currently without water, the City of Killeen will continue operating filling stations at these locations until 6PM daily:


If you visit one of these filling stations, you're asked to take your own containers to be filled and boil any water you receive prior to consumption.

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