What a great day to be a woman. Let me start off by saying Happy International Women's Day to all the women out there who inspire each other and motivate one another to keep going. Sometimes being a woman is so challenging and unfair in a lot of brackets. As a woman, I have not only been discriminated against, but I’ve also faced harassment simply because I'm female. Women of all walks of life have faced trials and tribulations, but I wouldn’t wanna be anything other than a woman.

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Women are the rib. We're the nurturers, and in reality, we keep everything in line. Martin had Coretta, Obama has Michelle, and President Biden has First Lady, Jill. I truly believe without women, there would be a lot of misdirected, angry, noncommunicative men and children in the world.


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Getty Images/EyeEm

Being a woman means being brave when you don’t want to be and never second-guessing. It also means facing challenges and taking them head-on.

I wanted to highlight some of the women in Killeen who are doing great things. Do not let this be the only time we celebrate each other, ladies. We are fierce, we are amazing, we are BEAUTIFUL, we are the voice and the peace of everything, and most importantly, we are WOMAN: HEAR US ROAR!

Killeen Celebrates 51 Amazing Women For International Women's Day

March 8 is International Women's Day, and though we should celebrate the great women in our lives every day of the year, it's a special day to shine a spotlight on their many accomplishments. Let's take a look at some Killeen ladies who are doing great things and making power moves.

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