Two supposed adults were in the Bell County Jail Tuesday night after police say they beat a 12-year-old girl with baseball bats.

Christopher Shadrock with our partners at News 10 reports that 44-year-old Chonda Edmond and 32-year-old Kyhirah Clemons allegedly carried out the attack as retaliation for a fight the victim had gotten into with Edmonds' child.

Bell County Jail records indicated that both were charged with third degree felony injury to a child. Both were being held in lieu of $100,000 bond.

The incident reportedly happened on June 12 at Killeen High School. The victim told police she was involved in an altercation with Edmonds' child earlier in the day at Killeen Middle School. When the victim went to meet friends at the high school, four people - Edmonds, Clemons, a man, and Edmonds' daughter - reportedly approached her, and the two women began hitting her with baseball bats.

The victim said she was knocked unconcious, and was still being hit by the bats when she came to.

Police say surveillance footage supports the victim's story, and that cell phone video showed the fight she got into with Edmond's daughter earlier that day.

Investigators issued warrants last week, and Edmonds and Clemons were arrested Saturday.

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