We could all use some laughter and cheer right now, so when I saw these cupcakes on Facebook, I just had to share.

Lily's Cakes in Harker Heights is delivering a hilarious treat to customers' doorsteps: TP and Lilypoo cupcakes.

They recently shipped an order of them to a woman in North Carolina who was celebrating her birthday in isolation to help slow the spread of COVID-19. When they arrived, she sent this heartfelt message to Lily's Cakes owner Lily Halabi:

Image Courtesy of Lily's Cakes, Facebook

"What’s started as a joke about the TP situation and my fear to close my doors during these coronavirus times became a fun and delicious sweet treat to people," Lily wrote me via Facebook Messenger. "My first mail out shipment arrived to North Carolina yesterday and the lady had a blast with them!"

As you can see, the cupcakes made it through their journey in excellent shape.

Image Courtesy of Lily's Cakes, Facebook

In a time when the entire nation is stressing about a pandemic, it's so awesome to see a business right here in Central Texas bring joy to someone all the way in North Carolina. It goes to show that we can all be doing fun and inspired things to cheer each other up right now, and we can help support our local businesses while we do it.

If you'd like some TP and Lilypoo cupakes or if you want to send an order to someone in need of some cheer, you can order a batch right here.

Also, if you're a business owner or someone looking for places that are still open and offering services, check out our free listings page. Business owners can enter their information into a Google Form that will automatically feed into a list just below it so Central Texans can see it.

Now more than ever, it's important that we support our local businesses. They're owned and operated by our friends and neighbors, and they've done so much to enrich our lives in the best of times. Now it's time to show our love and appreciation as we get through all this craziness together.

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